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Copyright at Curtin

Curtin University is subject to the provisions of Commonwealth legislation that deals with copyright and moral rights. All Curtin staff and students are expected to adhere to the University’s policies, procedures and requirements in relation to these matters.

Curtin policies and procedures relating to copyright are:

Students should familiarise themselves with the student conduct section of the Curtin website.

Staff should be familiar with the University’s Copyright Procedures and Intellectual Property Policy and Intellectual Property Procedures.

These provisions apply even if you are using your personally owned equipment. Those copying material in locations outside of Australia will also need to make themselves aware of the copyright legislative requirements of that location.

Copyright requirements depend on the circumstances of your use. Refer to the sections on this site that cover teaching and research for more information.


‘Plagiarism’ occurs when the work of another person, or persons, is used and presented as your own, without acknowledging the source with an appropriate citation. Plagiarism may occur even if you haven’t reproduced exactly the same words or images used in the original source. You can be guilty of plagiarism without infringing copyright. You can infringe copyright without being guilty of plagiarism.

The University regards very seriously any acts of plagiarism and there are a range of penalties which may be imposed on a student for plagiarism. For more information, refer to the Academic Integrity website.