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Copyright at Curtin

Material on the Internet

Material on the Internet is covered by copyright: it is NOT "copyright free".

Some Internet sites stipulate conditions on copying their content. These are normally located on the site's homepage under headings such as "Copyright", "Terms of Use", or "About [this site]". If the site contains conditions, especially if it is password-protected or covered by a contractual agreement, you must abide by the terms and conditions stated or seek an exemption from them - start by emailing the site's owner.

If an internet site is not password-protected or covered by a contractual agreement, and you wish to copy material from it for educational purposes, you may be able to rely on the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act, though it is often difficult to interpret the limits applicable.

You should normally only make a single copy, for your own individual use. You should only make multiple copies if your purpose is "criticism or review" - e.g. if you are making a tutorial presentation which involves commenting on the work and you need to provide all the students in the tutorial with a copy of an extract from it.

Material which does not support the educational purposes of the University cannot be downloaded, copied or communicated using University equipment or computer networks. This includes popular music or films which are in digital formats, accessible on the internet sites. The posting of music or other audio-visual files to Curtin websites, the transfer of such files to other people (whether students or staff of the University, or associates and friends or family members) using Curtin e-mail facilities, and the recording of music or other audio-visual material on CDs using Curtin networks and equipment is prohibited. Infringement of these provisions will be subject to action under the University's ICT Policy Breach Procedures.

For additional information on appropriate and inappropriate uses of the internet at Curtin, see the sections of the Curtin website devoted to Appropriate ICT Use for Staff and Students.

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