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Copyright compliance & Blackboard

Faculty copyright and branding templates for teaching materials

The following is a checklist summarising best practice guidelines for staff producing teaching materials. The checklist is designed for use with the Faculty templates below.

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Science and Engineering

External to Faculty

Copyright permission templates

How to self-audit your Blackboard unit

The following guide details how to self-audit your unit on Blackboard to ensure you are copyright compliant.

Request an audit of your Blackboard unit

The Copyright Officer conducts ad-hoc checks of at least 12 units each semester. Contact the Copyright Officer to book a check of your unit on Blackboard.

Quick checklist for copyright compliance in Blackboard

  • Have you arranged your unit readings through the Library Reading Lists service? According to the University Copyright Procedures, you cannot post copyright material including journal articles and book chapters directly to Blackboard – instead you should use Reading Lists which is integrated with Blackboard.
  • Have you clearly acknowledged and referenced all copyright material used in your unit (including title, author, publication, URL etc as appropriate to the material)? This includes copyright material in presentation slides, handouts and other documents; including images, tables, diagrams, photos, graphics, text excerpts, etc.
  • Have you attached the electronic warning notice to copies of print and graphic material (including images, tables, diagrams, photos, graphics, text excerpts, etc.)? It is a good idea to insert the notice as slide two after your title slide.
  • Do copies of copyright material abide by the copying limits?
    • Books – 10% of the words or one chapter.
    • Journals/newspapers – one article per issue; two or more if related to the same course of study.
  • Have you made sure any links to websites; including YouTube videos, are to legal copies of copyright material? Linking to unauthorised copies is authorising or facilitating copyright infringement. Have you checked the website terms of use for permitted/prohibited uses?
  • If you have copied copyright material with permission, is it clear that this material is reproduced with permission of the copyright holder? Have you kept a copy of the written permission? e.g. ‘reproduced with permission of…’
  • If you are using TV or radio broadcasts under the Screenright’s Statutory Licence agreement, have you included the electronic warning notice?
  • If you are using music under the Music Licence, have you included the required warning and information notices?

For queries on any items on this checklist contact us.