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This section details the licensing schemes Curtin University participates in to facilitate the copying of teaching material for students. It also covers special circumstances where the Statutory Licences do not apply and the provision of material for students with print disabilities.

The University’s licences

These licences are negotiated by Universities Australia with the relevant copyright collection societies:

  • Statutory Licence Part VA covers the copying and communication of television and radio broadcasts.
  • Statutory Licence Part VB covers the copying and communication of print and graphic materials (books, journals, images, etc.).
  • The Music Licence covers the copying, communication and performance of copyright musical works and sound recordings for educational purposes and for University events.

Strict conditions apply to the use of these licences – how much content may be used, who may use it and the requirement to display warning notices. Failure to observe these conditions may lead to legal action against the University and/or the withdrawal of the University’s right to copy.

Curtin University Library provides access to many online resources where access is governed by licence agreements. For further information see licensed material on the Library website.