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Using music for educational purposes

The Collective Music Licence permits Curtin University to perform, copy or communicate copyright musical works and sound recordings with the following conditions:

  • The use must be for:
    • educational purposes – strictly for use in connection with a particular course of instruction or study; or
    • for university events – an event organised by Curtin and/or held at Curtin which includes live musical performances by staff or students. To meet the licence requirements, no admission fee should be charged for the event.
  • Reproduction is made from a legitimate copy of an audio recording (e.g. from a CD-ROM or purchased from an online store such as iTunes).
  • Music must be in the repertoire of the following collecting societies (who control about 95% of recorded music available in Australia):

    To check the list of works covered by the societies, use APRA AMCOS Search Works.

  • Copies must have prescribed notices and labels attached.

Permitted under the Music Licence

The following is permitted under the Music Licence:

  • Playing commercial music in class, as long as the use is for educational purposes and the lecture is attended only by Curtin students or staff.
  • Incorporating extracts of copyright sound recordings into Curtin teaching materials, including use on Blackboard.
  • Playing music at official University events (e.g. graduation ceremonies, art exhibition openings, Open Day) provided that no admission fee is charged. If you propose to charge an admission fee for the event, you’ll need to obtain a special licence from APRA and the PPCA.
  • Copying musical works for use at an official University event.
  • Making an audio or video recording of a University event that features copyright music, provided recordings are only sold to students and their families on a cost recovery basis.
  • Curtin students can use segments of copyright music in a film which they make as part of their course and submit for assessment. This does not allow them to show the film outside the University (e.g. at a festival), to sell the film to a distributor or to upload online to video sites such as YouTube – the student would have to get permission from the copyright owner to do this.

Not permitted under the Music Licence

  • You may not reproduce, download or transmit music via the internet or email to parties who are not Curtin staff or students, or for reasons unrelated to educational purposes.
  • You may not reproduce, communicate, transmit or perform an infringing copy of any copyright sound recording (e.g. a sound recording that has been obtained or downloaded illegitimately, and is therefore itself in breach of copyright).
  • You may not perform a copyright musical work in public at an event where an entry fee is charged; or where the University’s premises have been let for hire or otherwise to a third party (including a student group) other than for the educational purpose of the University.
  • The licence does not cover the use of music in theatrical productions. If you want to perform a musical work as part of a Performing Arts course you will need to obtain the rights from the music publisher or copyright holder.
  • The licence does not cover performing or recording of the following:
    • A choral work more than 20 minutes in duration or excerpts.
    • A musical work or excerpts performed in a ‘dramatic context’ (e.g. as part of a play). If you want to use music in a dramatic context, you will need to obtain a special licence from APRA.
    • A Grand Right Work or excerpts (including an opera, operetta, musical play, ballet, review or pantomime).