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Warning notices and labels

The following notices and labels must be used under the Copyright Act, or as part of University licence agreements, when using copyright material.

Statutory Licence

There is a prescribed electronic warning notice which must be used for material copied and communicated under the Statutory Licence (the Copyright Agency and Screenrights agreements). The electronic warning notice MUST be displayed on, or immediately before, each electronic copy and communication made under the Licence. The notice must be located in such a way that the student using the material will see it.

The most common requirement for the notice is where staff are preparing teaching materials for Blackboard which contain third party copyright material, such as presentation slides and handouts. If making copies of third party copyright material such as book chapters and journal articles, use Reading Lists – Reading Lists staff will manage the notice requirements on your behalf.

Do not use the notice for material copied outside of the Statutory Licence. The Licence is only required for electronic usage, so is not required when giving hard copy handouts.

Here are some examples of where to place the notice – in presentation slides and documents. Curtin branded Faculty templates with electronic warning notices are located under Resources.

Music Licence information notice

There is a prescribed notice and information you must attach to music recordings copied and communicated under the University’s Collective Music Licence. The copy must have:

  • The following notice:
    “This recording has been made by Curtin University under the express terms of an educational licence between it, ARIA AMCOS, APRA and PPCA and may only be used as authorised by the University pursuant to the terms of that licence.”
  • The following information:
    • The title of each musical work,
    • the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work and
    • if the recording is an ARIA Sound Recording, the artist/group name, and the record company label.

Equipment notices

Heads of Schools and Areas are required to ensure that equipment notices are displayed near, or attached to, all University equipment capable of copying. This is a requirement of the Australian Copyright Act, and provides some legal protection in the event that staff or students infringe copyright using University equipment.

The notices must be at least A4 in size (297mm by 210mm) and the wording cannot be altered in any way. For copies of the notice, contact the Library Copyright service. There are three forms of the notice:

  1. Notice for equipment for copying print material:  The Section 39A Notice must be displayed near, or attached to, any University copiers, scanners, computers, or other equipment which is capable of copying hardcopy material.
  2. Notice for equipment for copying audio-visual material: The Section 104B Notice must be displayed near, or attached to, any University DVD records, computers, or other equipment which is capable of copying audio-visual material.
  3. Combined Notice for equipment copying print and audio-visual material:
    Where University equipment has the capability of copying both print and audio-visual material (e.g. a computer), the Combined s39A and s104B Notice can be displayed in lieu of both individual notices.