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Using radio and TV broadcasts

(Screenrights agreement)

The Screenrights Statutory Licence agreement permits Curtin University to copy and communicate free-to-air radio and television broadcasts with the following conditions:

  • Copying and communication must be for educational purposes,
  • access is restricted to University staff and students and
  • copies must have a prescribed warning notice attached.

Under the Screenrights agreement, you may copy a programme in its entirety. Copying includes making either an analog copy (e.g. a video tape) or a digital copy (e.g. a digital file stored on a server). Communication of a digital copy includes transmitting electronically (e.g. by sending to a student via email) or making available in Blackboard.

Curtin Library subscribes to two online services which host broadcast television programs under the Screenrights agreement. These services make it easier for staff and students to access TV programs without having to manage recording, storage and labelling requirements.

  • Informit EduTV hosts documentaries and drama series, and covers both Australian and overseas produced material. If you would like to request a program be made available through EduTV, go to the Informit contact form and submit your request with the enquiry type ‘EduTV Program Request’.
  • Informit TV News hosts selected Australian news and current affairs programs from free-to-air networks.

Please note that the Screenrights agreement does NOT cover copying commercial videos, the use of video on demand services (e.g. Netflix, Stan) and the use of online catch-up services (e.g. iView). For commercial videos, contact Curtin University Library for streaming options through services such as Kanopy.