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Copyright at Curtin

Copyright in works created by Curtin staff and students

Curtin’s Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures determines who owns copyright in works created by University staff and students.

Unless there is an agreement to the contrary:

  • Students own the copyright in their work, including HDR theses.
    Staff who want to use student work, for example to demonstrate exemplars, will need to ask students for their permission to do so.
  • The University owns the copyright in work created by staff as part of their day-to-day duties, including teaching materials.
  • Staff own the copyright in scholarly works created by them, The University claims a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use the work for educational and research purposes.

Key copyright policies and procedures

All Curtin staff and students are expected to adhere to legislation, policies, and procedures relating to copyright. Key policies and procedures relating to copyright are:

Curtin staff and students must not use the University’s ICT facilities to download, store, share or communicate any content that infringes copyright including unauthorised copies of films, music files, software or computer games. Refer to the ICT Appropriate Use Policy for further information.

Students should familiarise themselves with the student rights and responsibilities section of the Curtin website.

Curtin staff and students who want to copy and communicate teaching materials in an offshore location must comply with the local copyright legislation that applies in the overseas country concerned. Refer to Copyright for Offshore Campuses for further information.

For information on other issues relating to academic integrity, such as plagiarism, refer to the Academic Integrity website.